Naked Girl Therapy

The In-Person Experience...

My specialty? Why, I'm glad you asked.

Girlfriend Experience

My specialty. I love taking the time to make someone feel cared for and have the kind of connection other experience types like porn-star experience don't necessarily involve! Sessions can include cuddling up together and relaxing after you're finished work, then making out on the couch, or eating dinner together and coming home for a fun time.

Kinky girlfriend experience

A more involved offshoot of my primary specialty... I offer harder kinks that might require more prep and discussion in this type of session. For this reason, these sessions have stricter screening that includes a bit more back and forth than the typical booking. I am a switch, but some of these kinks I will not be submissive for. Please inquire for more details.

Some kinks I indulge:

  • More taboo roleplays like incest, cheating scenarios, first times

  • Pegging

  • Humiliation, name-calling. I like being on both ends of this kink, but I have rules about what can be said to me.

  • Foot fetish (I don't have many pairs of heels... but that doesn't mean we can't go shopping for some ;)

If you don't see your kink here, feel free to drop me a line and ask.

Fly me to yous

Don't live near me but want to spend time together? Let's talk! I'd love to travel and currently have plans to be in the UK from end of May 2022-November 2022. Please feel free to book in advance for those dates! It will be much easier (and cheaper :P) to fly me into Europe/other places from the UK than from Canada, so get emailing.

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money, money, money


A fair exchange. The rates below are for my vanilla girlfriend experience.

As much time as you'd like

My twitter account, my downloadable freebies on Bentbox, and staring longingly at this screen.


1 hour

A quicker visit to catch up, on a lunch break, perhaps?


1.5 hours

**Ideal first date ;) Long enough to get to know each other, while short enough to fit into a busy schedule.


2 hours

For when you want to spend just a little longer in my company; this gives us time to relax, cuddle, and maybe get that second wind.


4 hours

Lots of time to chat, maybe catch dinner and a movie at yours, with enough time to enjoy each other afterwards. PS: I love musicals, action movies, apple pie and brownies! Oh and sex.


Longer sessions

My my, someone wants attention lavished on them! I am happy to provide; please fill out my contact form and let's talk about a special date.

Please inquire

Overnights and trips

Want a travel companion or secretly wanna see my bedhead when I wake up beside you? That can be arranged!

Please inquire