Naked Girl Therapy

Ayla Meretrice

Your favourite way to relax.


by the numbers

  • Height: 5'0", thank you very much

  • Weight: 140lbs, give or take.

  • Bra: 2/10, dislike wearing, but will for aesthetic purposes

  • Corsets: 10/10 love them since they do the bra thing without being a bra


Loves kisses, cuddles, intimacy

Shockingly, I actually enjoy this part of my job and love kisses and foreplay. I do have a quirk where my nipples can get oversensitive however, so please listen if I ask you to be gentle or stop.

Equally left and right brained!

I've got interests in both creative and more logical and scientific pursuits! I'm sure we'll be able to find something to talk about :)

About Me

So you wanna see me naked in person, huh?
Cool! I'm excited to meet new people. I've always been eager to talk to new people and enjoy their company in all sorts of ways. I find it way too intimidating to write about myself in first person, so take a look below for a brief summary of myself, in third person.
Ayla Meretrice, also found on Twitter as @nakedgrltherapy, is an in-person companion, online sex worker, and occasionally, the focus of your daydreams. Her content can be found online on apclips, manyvids, and of course, can be bought directly from her through email or Twitter direct messaging.
In person, her specialty is the girlfriend experience, meaning she loves to take time to get to know her clients and bond with them before blowing their minds in the privacy of incalls or trusted client’s outcall spaces. Long dates in museums, amusement parks, botanical gardens and other fun spaces are highly encouraged, especially if they involve food.

An “ambidextrous-brain” type, Ayla’s interests span both creative and scientific pursuits. Not easily bored, she will gladly indulge you in conversations about the mundane, the profane, even the arcane, as long as you can keep up! Her love of lifelong learning means she’ll also gladly let you speak on a topic unfamiliar to her for a surprising length of time. Currently, she is finishing a rather redundantly named Associate of Arts Degree (Arts) since her program of choice, Associate of Arts Degree (Science) was discontinued, and is working on her future as a mortician. A longtime student of mythology, Ayla realized that the main differences between different pantheons and religions was how people treated their dead, and thus, her passion for learning about and caring for the dead began. She finds this a calling similar to the medical field, in so much as not many people can do it, and those that can, should.

Ayla can usually be caught playing video games in the judgmental company of her cat, Isis, or trying to improve her cardio by running away from the undead with the audio-based game “Zombies, Run!” in her ear.
People don't read.- based on working retail and replies to her ad
People are hot, yo.- when asked about her sexual orientation (Read: bi and open to everyone)