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A few words regarding screening: Linkedin profiles are helpful, but not strictly necessary. The reason I ask for physical description is so I know who to expect and I don't ask the wrong person if they're here to see me! I see clients of all ages, races, abilities, orientations, and genders.
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Booking Etiquette

I'm putting this conveniently beside my contact info and form so you have no excuses!!
  • Haggling, trying to avoid screening, or trying to get free services or content from me will not be tolerated as these are wastes of my time; I expect better from those trying to book me.
  • No one liners! Give me some details and let's talk about when works for the both of us.
  • No calls, and  the same rules apply to texts as with emails.
  • Please provide all screening information in the first message!

+1 604 305 4348