Naked Girl Therapy

Hello fellow content creator/adult industry member!

It was wonderful to meet you, and by your being here I will make the wild assumption you'd like to work together. If you already know what you're interested in doing or have discussed a project with me in person, please fill out the form and get in touch. For more about me, please keep reading!
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What I do

In-person full service work

I specialize in the girlfriend experience and also do some kinky girlfriend experience style sessions. I started my career doing nude cuddles and horribly shot porn then took the plunge into full-service and haven't looked back since!

Online video and audio content

I've been making solo content for a bit but I'm not consistent enough to do an onlyfans and personally don't like subscription style offerings. I enjoy writing scripts for audio content and coming up with ideas for videos.


I have previously been on a panel about sex and disability, done a BDSM 101 panel as co-host/demonstration assistant, and have been on a podcast talking about sex work. In my civilian life, I work with sex workers as an outreach worker in a research project. I'm very open to doing sex education or helping with similar panels.

Who am I?

Actress. Sex worker. All around hot girl.

I came up with the name Ayla Meretrice because I knew no-one else would have the name, and because it's a personal in-joke. I chose it to be a seemingly sophisticated, personal dirty joke for those interested enough to look into it or ask. As a general rule, I ask people I work with to just use Ayla as I keep my legal name to paperwork and friends.

I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia and am used to working under different legal circumstances in this industry as the laws in Canada vary from those in the UK. I am truly appreciative of everyone who helps me as I learn these differences.

I have a background in theatre and a wide variety of skills including copywriting and basic propmaking. Just chat with me and you'll have a good idea of what I can bring!

  • As a person

    Outside of working, I'm a fun person who is easily amused and outgoing. I am very much a North American in regards to my willingness to talk to and smile at a stranger. I have ADHD and it sometimes acts as a superpower, sometimes a hindrance. I will always be upfront with what I can handle and what I cannot.

  • During working hours

    I have a whole gamut of random skills I can put to use! Please keep in mind that my ADHD will factor into my working style as I will hop from section to section. I always have a million ideas going but when I commit, I finish what I set out to.

Sites I'm verified on

Feel free to look me up and find me on these sites. I also do private sales directly to clients.

Sample reel

This promo trailer contains video content up to end of 2022.